How to Apply Rhinestone Transfer

:2012-10-12 00:00:00

We recommend using a heat press to apply rhinestone transfers.It will ensure that even heat and pressure is applied throughout the design.

Step 1: Lay garment on flat surface. Do not use a padded ironing board. For thin garments place a pressing cloth or a piece of flat cardboard inside of garment.

Step 2: Remove the protecting foil and make sure that all stones are in place and none of the stones have shifted during shipment. If stones have shifted, use tweezers to re-position the stones into the correct place.

Step 3: Place sticky side of paper onto garment and adjust to correct position. Cover the transfer paper with a pressing cloth or Teflon Sheet.

Step 4: Apply heat by lowering iron straight down onto transfer area and push hard for 25-30 seconds. Make sure to cover entire transfer area. DO NOT MOVE IRON AROUND! Heavier fabrics such as denim might need more time and light fabrics less time. If you are using a heat press do not over do the pressure or you will leave pressure marks on garment. Press for 15-20 seconds.

Step 5: Remove the sticker from the cloth after cooling.